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This easy recipe for Scalloped Potatoes is one you will make again and again. Extremely creamy and cheesy potato perfection!

When I think of Scalloped Potatoes, I think of family get-togethers, holidays, and an unforgettable super creamy cheesy potatoes. Scalloped Potatoes are usually reserved for those special occasions because they are a little more time consuming than say, mashed potatoes or a potato casserole but are probably more delicious than them both because they are laced with a homemade, buttery cream sauce, browned onions and topped with cheddar cheese.

I adore this recipe because it’s the epitome of potato perfection. Typically served with baked ham at Easter, these scalloped potatoes are made with really simple ingredients:

Potatoes – starchy *peeled* potatoes cut relatively thin. I used large Idaho potatoes to make my life easier (because peeling small potatoes is the worst).

Salted Butter – for flavor and for frying.

Onions – I fried up yellow onions until lightly browned for that delicious onion flavor.

Flour – this acts as our thickener.

Milk – to help thin out the flour-butter-onion mixture.

Salt and Pepper – season to your liking but add more salt! I’ll tell you why below.

Ground Nutmeg – a sweet spice that can stand on its own. It compliments potatoes really well!

Heavy Cream – to make the cream sauce even more creamy.

Cheddar Cheese – I used grated medium cheddar, but if you like things sharper, go for it!

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