Cheesy Cattle Drive Casserole

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Cattle Drive Casserole. Now that’s a name for a meal. Regardless of whether you’ve been on one, the point of this stuffed-to-the-brim dish is that it could fuel you up and keep you full during a cattle drive, were you to go on one. And that’s just fine with us! Along with ground beef, tomatoes, chiles, bell pepper and onion, this recipe’s got one unexpected ingredient…bisquick! That’s right, we start this bad boy off with a hearty biscuit layer to soak up all the great flavors of everything going on above it, then we top it all off with a green chile-sour cream-mayo situation that adds both flavor and creaminess, and we can’t get enough of it.

If you’re looking at this ingredient list and thinking that’s a lot to throw into one dish – you’re not wrong, but it all comes together in a delicious, zesty way, and you’re going to be completely hooked. Seriously, the highlight here is how perfectly all these ingredients blend together; the spicy beef filling with the creamy chile topping is so, so good, and the biscuit bottom lends balance to all that punched up flavor. Just as good for breakfast as it is for lunch or dinner, this is one casserole that you don’t want to miss. Cattle Drive

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