Brunch Casserole

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– This is very easy to throw together and tastes very good too. I used russet potatoes that I grated into my salad spinner full of cool water – triple rinsed the potatoes using the insert as a colander and then spun them dry. When I make this again I don’t think I would bother even pre-cooking the peppers and onions & a sprinkle of paprika on the top would be nice too. Thanks for a good recipe.

– This recipe is just what I was looking for: a breakfast casserole with no crust that I could make ahead and take pieces to work for quick reheating. My changes were that I used spicy turkey sausage instead of bacon, and I threw in one chopped, de-ribbed/seeded, fresh jalapeno. YUM! I wasn’t able to find a package of hashbrowns at 16 ounces, so I got a 30 ounce package and eyeballed about half. Honestly, I could have added all of it without overflowing the baking dish, and it wouldn’t have been too potatoey (yep… just made that word up). Helpful hints: if you are using an egg substitute, please note that 12 eggs comes to about 2.5 cups. In addition, I cracked each egg into a small bowl, and then added them one by one to the mixing bowl to ensure that no shell pieces got into the final mixture… easier to take a few pieces out of one small bowl before cracking the next egg than trying to fish them out of a huge bowl full of eggs. Also, I would suggest adding the seasoning to the veggies as you saute them… just easier in my opinion.

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