Birria Tacos Recipe

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This Birria Tacos (Taco de Beria) recipe is rich in juiciness, cheesiness, and delicious – it’s a true presentation tool. It starts by fermenting Beria de Rez, then making konomé and frying tacos with Oaxacan cheese. All instructions for oven, instant pot, and slow cooking methods are included!

First, let’s start with Beria. Beria hails from Jalisco, Mexico, and is a rich soup usually made with goat or lamb. It is traditionally served in a consomme broth with a mixture of coriander and white onion. No tacos involved! Beria is really the best – it’s so delicious on a cold day.

Birria Tacos has sprung up in the social media scene in the last year . The first time I tried was the Beria Tacos (of course, I had Beria before, doh), from Beria de San Marcos in Studio City, Los Angeles. (There are also a lot of tacos that currently serve them.) The Birria Tacos (tacos de birria) consists of meat cooked inside a tortilla and corn fried in the fat found at the top of the birria.

Birria Tacos is then filled with melted Oaxacan cheese (Qizilo), cilantro, lemon, and white onion. A small bowl of consommé is served aside for dipping. Truly a magic meal!

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