Better Than Any I’ve Had From a Deli!

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I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I never knew what a cheesecake was. I thought it was like cheese. Like picture American cheese singles. I never understood why people went so crazy for it. Until I was around 22 or so and decided that I would finally see what all the fuss was about. My step-dad had made one that was just like this one from All Recipes. Usually when he asks if I want some, I tell him no thank you. Apparently I was feeling brave that day.
It was a good thing that I was. I couldn’t believe that I had been missing this delightful little snack for so many years of my life! I wasn’t going to be missing any more I knew that much. I told my step-dad that the next time he was making one to get in touch with me.
He did and I went over to him and my mom’s house to watch and assist with the making of his masterpiece. Now that I have the secrets all figured out, I make them all the time. It’s one of MY FAVORITE dishes to share.

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