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Are you looking for a super yummy, quick dinner to make? If you haven’t tried my meatloaf yet, I think you’re going to love it! It’s low in calories, very moist and has a divinely rich sweet ketchup glaze. It’s a whole lot skinnier than most meatloaf recipes because I’m using an extra lean ground beef, homemade whole wheat bread crumbs and egg whites. By the way, making your own crumbs is really simple to do.

I have never left a review for anything on this site. I never felt like anything was really worth writting about but THIS IS AWESOME! I will never need another meatloaf recipe ever again.

Love this! I thought that it needed something in the meat mixture as well. So I added ketchup worcestershire sauce salt pepper and green pepper. I also cut out the crackers and used chips instead and used real bacon.

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Skinny Meatloaf