Best Caramel Apple Cobbler

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Best Caramel Apple Cobbler is a sweet taste of fall baked into a dessert. This recipe is comfort food at it’s best. Tart apples, sweet caramel, and warm cinnamon combined with a buttery crust is the quintessential recipe to make during the fall months.

This dessert tastes like an apple pie but much simpler to make especially if you’re not an expert pie crust maker.

When baking with apples the variety is important. I prefer a sweet, tart flavor and an apple that doesn’t cook to mush. After all, I want Apple Cobbler not Apple Sauce Cobbler.

I used Honeycrisp apples for this recipe. They are one of the top recommended apples for baking. Other apples that are good to use in baked recipes are Granny SmithGala, and Mutsu (Crispin).

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