Baking Soda Shampoo: It Will Make Your Hair Grow Like It Is Magic

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Baking soda or what is called also sodium bicarbonate, it’s a white crystalline powder has a variety of household uses and health benefits, we use baking soda in cleaning, cooking, as a medicine and also it’s used as a hair and skin care product.
Today I’ll share with you the secret of my long and strong hair, how I make it shiny, healthy, and voluminous.

To Make Baking Soda Shampoo at Home,

you’ll need:

– 1 box baking soda.
– 1 cup of water.
– essential oil, I used almond oil and argan oil.
– 1 teaspoon apple vinegar.
– and a small squeeze bottle to store the shampoo.

How I make it???

– In a bowl, I poured baking soda and water, and I mixed well.
– I added 1 tablespoon of argan oil and another one of almond oil. And I mixed again until combined.
– Then I poured the mixture into a small squeeze bottle, I added a few drops of apple vinegar.
I added vinegar to restore the pH balance of my hair.
-IN THE SHOWER, I wet my hair completely and gently applied the baking soda mixture from root to tip.

P.S: Baking soda can be a little too drying if overdone for some hair types, that’s why you must follow the ingredients carefully.

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