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Baileys Chocolate Mousse is insanely delicious, yet requires just a handful of ingredients. Perfect for when you want to impress guests or just hide under a blanket and indulge solo, one tiny heavenly mouthful at a time.

Want an intensely chocolatey dessert that’s both easy to make and insanely delicious? You can’t go wrong with a classic French chocolate mousse. Want to take things to the next level? Add some Baileys!

This chocolate mousse recipe uses separated eggs to add richness (the yolks) and lightness (the whisked whites) and it is drop-dead gorgeous.

The Baileys brings a very slight boozy edge to the chocolate mousse and to the whipped cream topping.

Don’t get heavy-handed and add too much, just serve a little glass of the Baileys on the side if you must!

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