Asian Ground Beef Noodles

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What is white pepper powder?

Piper nigrum is the white pepper extract. This berry belongs to the peppercorn family and can be found in India and Sri Lanka. Black peppercorns are made from the same plant, but they are harvested before ripening. This produces a milder and delicater flavour. It’s a popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine, where it is used for its light and clean spiciness. You can substitute the white pepper powder for black pepper powder in this recipe.

Corn flour is it the same thing as corn starch?

Yes, the corn flour in this recipe is corn starch. It thickens the sauce.

What is Chinese black vinegar?

Chinese black vinegar is made with glutinous, sweet and white rice. There are many varieties of Chinese black vinegar on the market. They vary in colour and flavor. The yellow label ZhenJiang vinegar is the one we use most often.

Where can I find Chinese chilli oil

The chilli oil can be made at home. Laoganma Chilli oil is readily available in Chinese grocery shops.

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