Arkansas Possum Pie

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Arkansas Possum Pie is a creamy, layered chocolate and cream cheese pie in a pecan shortbread crust that is sure to please!

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I just had to include this hilariously named Arkansas favorite as part of my American Eats series. Not only is it incredibly popular and found all over the state of Arkansas, but my curiosity was immediately piqued by the name possum pie.

As soon as I saw this on a list of popular Arkansas recipes I was simultaneously repulsed and intrigued. Did it really have possum in it? Do people really eat roadkill in the South?

Truthfully, I was both relieved and a little disappointed to find out that possum pie is NOT a savory meat pie made with actual possum after all, but rather a delicious dessert recipe with a sandy pecan shortbread crust and layers of cream cheese, chocolate pudding, and sweetened whipped cream.

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