3 Ingredient Black Forest Cake

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This No Bake Black Forest Icebox Cake super simple, 3 ingredient dessert that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or any occasion — it comes together in no time and you can make ahead!

This Black Forest Icebox Cake came about after the fail of these dreamy Black Forest Crepes I’d envisioned in my mind. I wanted something Valentinesy, and Black Forest always says Valentine’s Day to me. Chocolate and cherries?!? Always a good idea.

My Black Forest Crepes tasted great, but I just had the hardest time styling them and making them look good. Plus, making crepes? Kind of the most painful thing you can undertake with a 3 year old and a 1 year old in the house. A 3 ingredient icebox cake? That’s more my speed.

So then I was left with half a can of cherry pie filling (and if you’re not into the canned stuff, you can make your own or use fresh!) and a whole lot of whipped cream that needed to be used up. I had some grand ideas, but I find right after I fail one of my grand ideas I tend to go for “quick and easy” instead.

I had 2 boxes of chocolate wafers left over from another recipe. I thought to myself, “that is so not worth posting! It’s not even a real recipe.” But it actually tasted pretty great. And maybe you need something that’s 3 ingredients and no bake and tastes great but you don’t really care if it’s all that pretty!

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