10 Brilliant Bathroom smell tips and tricks

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We all love to clean our bathrooms and house, but sometimes it just doesn’t smell the way we want it to smell after we finish.

Sometimes it just needs a little extra TLC. In this article, I will show you some smart ways to clean and make your bathroom and home smell spectacular in every way possible.

With the high amount of people that will go in and out, you will need to know these cleaning tips and tricks.

The bathroom that visitors use will be the worse, so you need to be on top of things to make it as clean as possible because people will tell other people the way your house is.

Using an Air Freshener

Bath and body works do sell some lovely smelling air freshener. It may be a little pricey, but you can use it somewhere special in your house.

They have different styles to choose from, even one that sprays two different fragrances throughout the day and even has a night light built-in.

Its call wallflower plugin. Give it a shot, and you won’t regret it.

Mint Toothpaste

If you like the minty smell of your toothpaste and you want your bathroom to smell that way, here is a method, just cut the toothpaste tube 1/4 of an inch on both sides at the bottom of it and place it in the toilet tank. This can last up to two months.

Clogged toilet

If your toilet is clogged and you don’t have a plunger, you can panic for a while because who wants to call someone and tell them you clogged the toilet.

Just use some plastic food wrap and cover the toilet boil tightly. Go over it four times before you try to flush again when you do flush the air that builds up in the toilet will be trapped and then all you need to do is just push the air down and it will work the same as a plunger.

Baking Soda And Rubbing Alcohol

You can sanitize your toilet brush and the holder at the same time, even making an air freshener too.

Pour rubbing alcohol in the toilet brush holder then add some baking soda.

The baking soda will absorb any odor that is there and the rubbing alcohol will kill the bacteria over time each time you use the brush. You can redo this process each week.

Vanilla Extra And Water

If you don’t like those air fresheners with all those different chemicals inside them, then I have the perfect solution for you.

You can get a beautiful spray bottle from your local pharmacy or supermarket.

If you do not have vanilla extract at home then you can buy some as well, some brands can be pricey so look for the one that is in the middle range, the cheaper ones are weak in the smell area.

Fill the spray bottle with water and add one tablespoon of vanilla extract, each time you use the toilet you can spray this, and it will work the same as regular air fresheners.

Remove odors permanently from your towels.

A quick fix was to just place your towels in the dryer, but if you want a permanent way to remove those odors and make them smell and feel brand new, then you need to do this twice a month.

Start by giving the towels cycle in hot water then sprinkle some baking soda over them. Like a cup, give it a next cycle with hot water, and your towels will come out smelling so fresh.

Essential oil in bin

Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil in the garbage bin in your bathroom, by adding some lovely fragrance will help lift any odor that’s remaining after you have done cleaning your bathroom.

Homemade Air freshener

If your a frugal person or just love to do things your self, you will love this hack. Get a spray bottle and pour two cups water, one cup alcohol and ten drops of essential oil. Shake it well, and there you go, your own homemade air freshener. You can use it like how you use one that you buy.

Spring Cleaning

One day when your not busy and the weather is good, just go around your house and collect the blankets, cushion covers, and kitchen towels. Use gain fireworks when you’re washing them to give it a massive boost in freshness. This will give your home a clean and litter feeling.


Add pine-sol to your toilet brush holder to give it a nice aroma each time you use it.

It also will help to clean your toilet as well each time you use the brush. You can also use it to clean down your bathroom as well and pour some down the drain.

Keeping your Curtain smelling fresh

We are not going to be able to wash our curtains every week, but we want them to smell amazing all the time like you just finish washing them.

Mix two cups Gain fireworks in hot water, allow it to dissolve and cool, then go around and spray all your curtains with it.

For a bonus open the windows afterward, and the wind will spread the scent everywhere.

Smaller Garbage Bin

Keep a smaller garbage bin in the bathroom. You might be wondering why, but the smaller the garbage bin is, the more frequently you will empty it.

This will have your bathroom smelling amazing because the garbage will be out like every two days. The fresher, the better it will be.

Clean The Cabinets Inside The Bathroom

During the winter, when you shower, you normally see the mirrors get foggy.

That’s because of the heat mixing with the cold. This can form molds in your bathroom, you may know this, but we tend to clean only the areas that we see the mold.

We do not look in places that we think it may form as well, and this will lead to your bathroom having a bad smell.

Look inside the cabinets where the sink and clean there every two weeks.

With the pipes running through the cabinet, it will cause mold to develop even faster with the moisture that will be there.

Changing The Rugs

Sometimes the rugs in the bathroom will not look that dirty, and we skip washing them or replacing them with some fresh, clean rugs.

Think about it sometimes we walk barefoot in the house, and if dust or anything is on the floor, we pick that up, and the rugs will take it off.

So change the rugs each week no matter how clean they look.

Leaving Bathroom Door open

Leaving the bathroom door close all the time will cause stale air to be in there all the time.

Especially if you don’t open the windows because its winter and the time is cold.

The fresh air that’s in the house will circulate through the bathroom as well when you leave it open.

Flush As You Go

This is a simple little trick that can save people in a lot of sticky situations.

If you are having a family get together and you want to use the bathroom but afraid to go because there will be a smell.

It could even be in your workplace, and the bathroom is close to other people’s offices.

What you can do is as soon as you go number {two} FLUSH.

You might be saying there going to hear the flushes, but not if you turn on the pipe in the sink. It will cover up each flush.

Open Windows 

One of the best ways to make your bathroom smell fresh is by opening the windows.

It gets cold where I live, but I make the sacrifice to slightly crack the window open to let fresh air in for about five minutes.

This made such a big difference for me in so many ways.

Clean Vents

Clean the vent in your bathroom weekly to ensure that dust and mold aren’t forming on the vents.

I have seen mold appearing on my wind because the others who clean the bathroom too don’t look for that stuff.

To ensure everyone is cleaning it properly, keep a check on those things and inform them and not just leave you to clean it properly.

Add Vanilla To Your Lightbulbs In Your Bathroom or anywhere in your house

This is a simple little trick, but apply it carefully. Find the safest light in your home that doesn’t heat that much.

Add a few drops of vanilla extract to a cotton ball or a cloth and then gently tap the cotton ball on the light bulbs, make sure not to cover it too much.

When you flip on the lights, the heat will gently spread the scent, and your home will smell amazing, like when your baking.

This will not cause a fire whatsoever because the vanilla will defuse as soon as the bulb gets heated.

It’s not a permanent way to make your house or bathroom smell amazing, but its a quick and easy way to do so if your having company over.

Fabric Softener

Just like how you can use the laundry detergent to make the bathroom smell good.

You can use a fabric softener to do it as well. The fabric softener will even smell better because it’s made to give your clothes the best smell after washing it.

Detergent In Tank

Many people may be concerned about pouring the detergent in the tank, some plumbers say it’s not good for the tank, and others say it won’t damage it.

I have been doing this for seven months now, and there is no damage to the tank or anything.

The plumber said the detergent breaks down in the system, so there will be no problems. I pour a cup in the tank three times for the week. You can use any detergent like tide or downy, even fabric softener too.

A video of the laundry detergent in the toilet tank. Click the link below

Detergent With Cotton Ball

If you are concerned with the detergent in the toilet tank, I have provided a next method you can use. So here is the next tip for using the detergent.

Get a small jar with two cotton balls inside, pour two or three tablespoons of your favorite detergent on them, and place it anywhere in your bathroom.

The aroma can last up to three days, and it only takes two or three tablespoons of detergent to do the job.

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